A New Era For Smart Holdings .
Smart Future For Smart Agriculture .
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Smart Holdings, Inc (“SMHS” ) is a publicly-held company listed on the U.S. OTC Market “Pink Sheet” Index. “SMHS” is dedicated to make real asset investments/acquisitions and be active in the fields of ;

- Organic Agricultural Products Production
- Greenhouse Production
- Livestock Farming Production
- Renewable Energy Generation
- Trade of Chemicals, i.e. Reagents, Acids and Fine Organics
- Trade of Plastics and Resins

“SMHS” differentiates itself with its value-oriented and innovative approach and continues to create real value through real asset acquisitions and investments.

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Smart Holdings Inc
2360 Corporate Circle #400 Henderson, NV 89074
+90(212) 465 65 11 www.smartholdingsinc.com